At Home Care

Nurturing, professional cat minding in Margate

Sadly, not all cats are up for an extended stay away from home. If they’re elderly, under the weather, or simply prone to anxiety, it may very well be too risky to send them out to an unfamiliar place full of strangers (even though we’re all extremely kind). However, we’ve got a solution that means your pal can enjoy the comforts of Cosy Cats without ever having to set a paw outside. There’s no need to cancel your well-earned holiday just yet! Choose Cosy Cats for cat sitting & cat minding in Hobart !

Can’t bring your cat to us? Bring us to your cat! Just call 0408 381 109 to make arrangements

Cat minding

If you opt for our cat minding service, we’ll visit your home either once or twice a day to feed your cats and play with them so they don’t get lonely.

We’ll handle your chores

We can organise vet visits to your home, and even take care of any necessary domestic chores, including collecting mail and watering the plants. After all, even the pets we care for outside the hotel are part of the family.