About Us

Loving, top quality cat boarding in Margate

Cosy Cats is the beloved brainchild of founder and current owner, Lesley, and is the triumphant culmination of over ten years of cattery-management experience. Growing up on a bustling lifestyle block has left Lesley with deeply ingrained love for animals of all kinds, and she’s proudly dedicated her life to caring for them.

After Lesley started breeding the gorgeous Birman cat, Lesley began to make a name for herself amongst cat-loving communities across Australia and beyond. Her natural way with cats soon saw her swamped with requests from friends to take care of their feline companions while they went on holiday

Lesley was delighted to oblige, using her spare breeding pens to house her extra visitors. Of course, as word spread, requests started coming in from friends of friends, and then their friends, and then friends many more times removed. Running low on room, Lesley decided to take the plunge and throw herself into full-time cat boarding.

From those few extra breeding pens, the seeds of Cosy Cats were sown. Over the next decade, this cattery beloved by felines everywhere sprang up and grew. Today, Cosy Cats continues to evolve, and Lesley has lost none of her passion for giving cats the time of their lives while their owners are out of town.

Choose Cosy Cats for cat boarding in Hobart and to see what Lesley can do for your furry loved ones.
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